Unique mascot costume production process



Whilst we're a creative business, just like any reputable organisation, we rely on processes and procedures to ensure that every project runs smoothly. These are adaptable too. Which means if you already have a very definite requirement, including a design to hand, we can work with you just as we could work with a client who just has a great idea. As we've grown, we've led the way in the UK market by being the first supplier to offer:


3D visuals or models to show how your mascot will look included in the price:


3D printed reference shapes, and costume parts - and you can see and manipulate some of these here!


a fully digital process for costume head and structural shape creation


automated infrastructural material cutting to facilitate creating large numbers of the same kind of costume


dye sublimation printing in-house


The mascot production process is designed to be a transparent and collaborative one, to ensure you are confident about the end result at each stage of the project.


If you decide to make contact, we'll provide you with a tailored response explaining how we can help, with some indicative pricing, additional images of costumes to show how we could help with your specific requirement, and timescales.


If you decide that we're the best mascot manufacturer suited to your needs, we'll ask you to confirm an an order. Once the order is placed, the project team engage with you to create a robust project brief from which our team of four 3D designers work from. They also are available for discussion at any time.


Once you receive the first draft design, you have further opportunities to make amendments. Once you're happy, you'll receive fabric samples to ensure the mascot will be right for you texturally and then the project moves into the production phase.


Once the mascot costume is completed, we send you photos to show you how it would look before you agree to have it sent to you - this is our final check.


We've been paying attention to the needs of our clients and are happy to provide that extra reassurance to ensure we meet your expectations of us, whether the mascot costume is designed by us or created from a supplied design. So we're happy to offer the addition of a further three steps to make your life easy for when replication of a design is of paramount importance.


In fact, you can be confident that the first costume we produce for you will be the same as the one hundred and first!


Take a look at our Case Studies and see the ways in which we've helped clients bring their character to life. When it's important to get it just right we can use a clay maquette to sculpt the head of your costume. We then produce patterns which are scaled up to costume size and using the latest technology, we use our CNC router to cut the shapes required! Make sure you check out our 3D Design Page, click here!



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